Someone bought a copy of my book!

Far too often, I obsess about stupid, tiny, insignificant little things.  Most of the time, it’s because I’m a self-diagnosed internet junkie.  I get started playing stupid games on the internet and that will be all I do for varying lengths of time.  There was the free internet poker, Farm Town, Family Feud, and countless others.  This is just a manifestation of when i was a kid and TV or Nintendo were the all important things in my life.

But, still I obsess over things.  For example, on a daily basis I check my Amazon account to see if anyone bought a copy of one of my books.  It seems kind of ridiculous, I know.  What’s worse, is sometimes I find myself checking more than once a day.  “It’s been thirty minutes, maybe now someone has bought a copy!”  That rarely happens (the book buying, not the stupidity; the stupidity is always there).

Yet, I check it often, like a child running to the incubator to see if a baby chick has hatched from the egg laid two days ago.

So, if I obsess over checking it, then you guess the glee that comes when I learn that someone has indeed bought a copy.  For instance, someone bought one yesterday.  They bought a copy of my detective story, Our Own Devils, and this has me all kinds of twitterpated.  Yes, I know that’s not a real word, I just think it sounds funny.

Now, since some complete stranger was kind enough to spend $5.00 on my stuff, I’m going to reward you out there with one of my short stories.  This one has not been published anywhere and is as yet untitled.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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