Crazy, crazy, crazy

It’s a weird morning here at the office. I’ve been stranded for a few hours by chance.  Well, chance and a truck in the shop.

Things have calmed down at work so I actually find myself twiddling my thumbs this morning; I’ve already organized the next few days work, organized out of town work orders, and the phone isn’t hardly ringing.  I am also without my notebook.  So now what the hell am I to do?

What has me the most frustrated about not bringing my notebook is that I am so very close to finishing the first draft of my 30’s noir/sci-fi book.  It’s been a bear, too.  The first half of the book flew by so quickly while the last half has been mired in self-doubt, lack of time, and writer’s block.  In a rare move, I actually spent the greater majority of my day writing in the thing.

I read or was told once that a solid goal for a writer should be to bang out ten pages a day.  It doesn’t matter if they’re Pulitzer worthy or not, just bust em out. Well…when you have a full time job, a part time job, five kids (three of whom are in activities), and a wife going to school full time plus working on her own side business that goal gets a bit problematic.  It would be less so if I didn’t enjoy sleeping and watching TV.

But on that note…I actually banged out 12 pages yesterday.  I know, I can’t believe it either.  What’s better is that I actually feel really good about those 12 pages.  For me, as of late, that’s been a rare thing.  Anymore if I can bust out two or three pages in a day I mark that as a win and I may not even feel that great about those pages.  Not yesterday, though.  At the risk of totally neglecting my wife and kids, I could have banged out even more and maybe even finished, too.

By far, though, the strangest bit about my day as an author was the phone call I got in the evening.

Without sounding boastful, it was a call from a fan of my podcast.  It wasn’t some crazy, “Uh, hi…I’m just calling cuz I think your podcast is like totally super cool and I love you…”  I didn’t worry about having to change my number or anything like that.

The gentleman who called got my number from my dad. He is a local Rotarian and actually asked me to speak at a Rotary event in two weeks.  To say the least, I was flabbergasted.  Two things ran through my head as I was speaking to him: A. The podcast is doing what I meant for it to do! and B. This poor schlub likes my stuff so he must have no idea what good writing is.

The word I keep using is “surreal”.  In many ways, it’s because until recently I never really talked about being a writer.  A close, handful of people have known about it but I’ve never been very open about it.  But in the past year I finally decided to bite the bullet and “put myself out there”.  I think I’d had a book available on Amazon for almost six months before I finally mentioned it on Facebook and a  year ago I never would have even thought about doing a Podcast featuring me reading my own material.  To a degree, I still am a bit embarassed about it.  I listened to a little bit of the recent episode this morning and had to turn it off because I was flustered and almost shut the website down.

Then I remember the phone call last night.  This is why I started it: to get the word out.

Yes, I’m going to attend the Rotary event.

Hopefully I don’t embarass my family name anymore than I already have.


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