What will be next?

One thing that always worries me when I’m working on something is what’s next? What am I going to work on after I’m done with whatever current project I’m on. Well, this evening I was doing some cleaning up of my hard drive and decided what files to put “in the cloud” and stumbled across the first chapter for what will be the sequel to Our Own Devils. I liked what I was doing but one particular chapter took me out of it because I got mired in some exposition that I walked away from it but always had the intent of going back. I hope I don’t sound too full of myself, but I really like this fist chapter.


            I was a stranger in a strange land, a fish out of water, all of the bad analogies used to describe someone who was somewhere they most certainly didn’t belong.  What’s more was that I really didn’t know why I was there.

            I was sitting in the lobby of the new Hilton hotel that overlooked the Omaha Waterfront.  The waterfront was in the process of upheaval in the name of urban renewal, an attempt at revitalizing tourism for the Big O.  The new QwestCenter where concerts were rocked and sporting events were…sported was within reasonable walking distance, and across the street from that a new baseball complex was under construction, Omaha’s new home for the College World Series.

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How long was I out?

Hi, kids. I know I haven’t blogged or made a podcast in quite a while. Well, you can probably forget about the ol Podcast. It’s hard to get a lot of the stuff I need to get in as it is, and dedicating an hour or two a week to the podcast and it’s negligible returns (although I appreciate those of you that did tune in!) just wasn’t working out.

I’d post more blogs entries if I thought I had more to say. I’ll see if I can’t fix that here soon.

The biggest reason for nudging this blog with the heel of my boot is to share something that came to me last week. About a year ago or so, I read an interview with Steven Moffat. For those of you that don’t know, he’s the current head writer and exec producer for both Doctor Who and Sherlock. Mister Moffat was asked how he goes about writing an episode of Doctor Who. He said they all start with a, “What if?”, followed by a twist, and an ending. I’m paraphrasing and can’t find the exact quote, but that’s the gist.

Granted, most stories (should) start like this. But for some reason, when Moffat said that it rang a bit more true. Anyhoo, last week I had what I think is a great “What if?” starting point. I have nothing to follow it up with, but I’m pretty happy with it so I thought I would share it all with you.

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