One thing that amazes me about this current book project is how few bouts I’ve had with writer’s block. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a rewrite and–despite some of the drastic changes–I always had the original source material to go back to. Any gaps I’ve had in writing productivity this time around are strictly because of time constraints, exhaustion, etc.

But now I’m getting close to the end on this one. I’m now facing two problems: I’m currently writing a section where some of the “who done it” questions are resolved. I often worry at this point that I’m rushing through and forgetting important details. Also, while details are being resolved, there is still a dramatic climax and conclusion that need to happen. I do not know how this is going to happen yet. I have one or two ideas that will go toward it, but do not really contribute to the overall finale.

I should probably stop blogging and start worrying about that, as well as stop thinking ahead to the next book that I’ve already restarted researching. (I say ‘restarted’ because I researched and started the next book once several years ago. I really should start focusing on the now, shouldn’t I…)