Sample Day: The Final Battle

Here it is: The Final To-Do.

I finish off the Week o’ Samples with what I unofficially dubbed “My Bar Book” for a long time over the year or so that I spent writing it. As you may or may not know, I’ve been a bartender for a long time. A really long time. So long that I’ve actually started serving a second generation of drinkers. Yeah, I know.

It was suggested me many years ago by more than one person that I should write a bar-themed book. “You’re supposed to write what you know, aren’t you?” It took several attempts before I found something that clicked. The other attempts were contrived, derivative, and hacky. Most importantly, they didn’t interest me very much. If I can’t hold my own interest while writing it, how am I supposed to hold a reader’s interest?

DISCLAIMER!!! This book is by no means autobiographical or semi-autobiographical! This book is inspired not based on my time working in bars. Far too many times people have read this book and made connections that do not exist. Yes, some characters are loosely based on real people. Some characters are amalgams of several people. I did, however, directly lift the lay out of Little Bo’s (may she rest in peace) for the main bar in the book. 

So please, do not read more into it than what’s on the page. It’s a work of fiction and nothing more. Just read it, enjoy it, tell your friends, and maybe even buy a copy of it for your Kindle, your Nook, or in paperback.

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Sample Day Part Three!!!

Yes, I’m clogging up your twitter, tumblr, and Facebook with my crap again. After all, it is the title of this here blog.

Yesterday, I offered you the first two chapters of Innocence. Today I offer you the book that was published first, but is chronologically a sequel to it, Our Own Devils.

Why the discrepancy? I wrote the first draft of Innocence thirteen years ago. Or, more to the point, I finished it thirteen years ago. The bulk of it was written when I was in college and, I admit, some of it still feels that way. That’s why it went into a drawer and was left untouched for so long. But I always wanted to do more with the character of Mac. I actually started and trashed several other follow up books in the time after I shelved Innocence.

Devils actually started out as a short story I wrote to deal with some personal stuff prior to writing Innocence. There were always parts of it there that I really liked and wanted to keep and incorporated into a larger story. Because it was written roughly ten years or so after Innocence, it was really written by a different guy. The guy who wrote Devils was married with kids and had lived a lot more than the other guy. As a result, Devils (or so I’ve been told) feels more mature and grounded.  I’ll let you all decide and hopefully you’ll agree.

If you like it, please pick it up for your Kindle, your Nook, or in paperback and share this link!

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Sample Day Part Two

I decided to just make this simple Sample Week on my oft-neglected blog.

The following are the first two chapters from my latest release, Innocence. While being the fourth book I’ve self published, in the character timeline, it actually takes place before the first book I published, Our Own Devils. This book introduces the characters of Malcolm ‘Mac’ Connally, Alex Pine, and others. It delves into the reasons why Omaha PI Mac Connally left the Omaha PD, his frayed relationship with his father, and how he and Alex meet.

Again, it is available for the Kindle at, for the Nook at, and in paperback from

Enjoy, spread the word, and please check out my other titles!

(Also, it would be swell if you could buy them, too.)

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Sample Day

You might be familiar with my written works. You might even be familiar with my Facebook author page. But have you actually read any of my stuff? Maybe you’re not sure where to start.

In that case, here’s the opening chapter of my book Wanderers. It was a quarter finalist for the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in the Mystery/Thriller category. If you like it, please consider it picking it up for Kindle at Amazon, for the Nook at, or in paperback from

Enjoy Chapter One after the break.

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