It’s been so damn long…

Yes, once again I’ve neglected the blog, choosing only to check in every six or seven months.

The good news is that I’m still writing. It’s been slow, but setting up a whole new universe is kinda hard. This new project has also been challenging on several levels. First, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. It’s a very layered story with a story that will evolve as it goes. I’ve already decided that this new project will be too dense to cram into one book. The tentative plan is to break it up into three books. Just that thought is alone is rather daunting. It causes my recurring fear of “Am I smart enough to tell this story?” to rear it’s ugly head often.

Second, I’m writing this one in a much different style than I’m used to. The Malcolm Connally books and my previous sci-fi book, Wanderers, were all told from a First Person perspective; the tried and true trope of the private detective novel. This time out I decided to tell it in the Third Person; the perspective of the somewhat all knowing and invisible narrator.

To make matters worse, I thought it would be a great idea to set up a B story for my other main character to give her something to do while the main protagonist is off doing his thing. I’ve not attempted to tell a story with multiple story lines since I was in junior high when my writing REALLY was terrible. Then, before I could stop myself, I started a C story as well.

On the upside, last week I hit a major breakthrough and wrote A LOT. Mostly, it comes down to me making the conscious decision to sit down and write instead of sitting down in my recliner and staring at the TV with my brain shut off.

But what kind of world am I setting up?

I thought I’d put up the prologue of this new project up here for y’all to peruse. Now, mind you I DID write the prologue in the first person, the perspective of my main character Callan Jarrett.

I hope you like what you see.


I don’t remember the First Colonial Day, of course. The First Colonial Day was celebrated well over a hundred years before I was even born. Plus, there was always the debate over which one was the real Colonial Day. It was an argument that would kind of come and go every few years.

The Second Colonial Day was the standard and one officially recognized and celebrated throughout the Terran Colonial Confederacy. I sat on both sides of the argument because I appreciated the importance of marking that Colonial Day. That was the day all the citizens of Earth and her children scattered about the stars decided to put aside their differences and unite under one banner. On that Colonial Day we stopped caring about being Americans, Europeans, and Chinese and everything else, and just became Terrans.

The only time people ever asked about your old country was when school children had to trace back their lineage to the home world for some class project.

But the First Colonial Day? We couldn’t have the second one without the first. Colonial Day I was the day we learned that we were not alone in the galaxy we had decided to blunder into. Also, and most importantly, the day we discovered we weren’t welcome.

I suppose Colonial Day II was created to help everyone forget about the panic and insanity that came in the weeks and months that followed Colonial Day I. The Earth and her colonies came so close to war after a United States cargo ship was destroyed. Everyone assumed it was the Chinese behind the attack; the final transmission was distorted and choppy. The Americans back on Earth decided, based off of a five second snippet, that their ship and crew had identified their attackers.

Fortunately, only small skirmishes followed the accusations without any major loss of human life. It wasn’t until months later when a United Africa star cruiser was lost and her wreckage recovered that anyone on Earth had considered that the threat could have come from elsewhere.

Only then did the people of Earth decide to unite for the good of all humanity. I think colonial Day II was created so that people would forget we almost killed each other for nothing.

Most days, I forgot or just didn’t care which Colonial Day was the “real one”.

It’s not like I ever got one off anyway.

Someone always ended up dying on Colonial Day.


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