Nobody neglects a blog like this guy…

The good thing is I didn’t wait an entire year before posting to this blog. I waited nine months, not twelve so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

These blog posts often serve as a reminder to everyone (and myself, to a certain degree) that I’m still here and I’m still writing. Granted, I’m much further behind than I had wanted to be and some of my loftier goals have gone by the wayside.

It’s mid-late April and I’d had such lofty goals to get a new book out into the world. The problem is that life has gotten in the way (family, work, etc), and I forget the scope of what I’m trying to do with this new project.

While this new book, Colonial Day, does have aspects of a detective mystery like I so often write, it goes so much beyond that. I have to adjust my thinking and remember that mostly I’m writing more of a sci-fi/spy thriller. At one point while I was working on this ongoing first draft I was watching a lot of old Bond films and even read some of the early Fleming books. It inspired me to want to give this new story the same kind of feel. Even worse, my mind would get tripped up with ideas to put in during the second draft when I’m not even close to finishing the first.

One of the big tenets of writing that I often ignore is to just muscle through the first draft; it’s gonna be shit anyway. The real book lies within the second draft. I’ve always wanted to make the first draft as close to the “final draft” as possible. That’s not gonna happen on this one. I know I’m gonna be going back through to add story points and flush out another character’s separate storyline. This book’s gonna be a mother. And already knowing that I’m going to make it a three book story hurts my brain a little.

Also, I found a post I’d made on my Facebook author page a while ago where I’d announced I was gonna I was going to do an audio version of WanderersYeah ,that most definitely did not happen. It’s not that I don’t want to do it, I just got so caught up with everything else going on in my life that I completely forgot about doing it. Finding that announcement made me upset with myself.

I’m not saying it’s never gonna happen. I just don’t know WHEN it’ll happen.

In the meantime, my good buddy, Nate and I started a podcast late last summer. It’s just two nerds talking about nerdy things and being grown ups now. It’s called The Middle Ages Podcast. Check it out, leave a review on iTunes. Subscribe if you like.

Also, if you have been reading my books (even if you haven’t), please go to every place ebooks are sold and leave a review. Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and noble, iTunes. All of them. Also, go to and leave a review there. Doing such things helps with Search Engine Optimization and also helps other people find out about the original content people are putting out into the world.

Now, it’s raining here in Nebraska. So I’m gonna try and force some creativity to eke out of my fingertips.